police station representation

What you say or do at the Police Station can have THE BIGGEST impact on the outcome of your case.

It is crucial that you are represented by an experienced solicitor - particularly when you're facing serious allegations. I will advise you prior to, during, and after your interview, so that you can make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcome.


I offer pre-emptive advice and support wherever the need arises. I can liaise with the police to negotiate a voluntary interview, thereby avoiding an arrest and hours spent in a police holding cell. This can also protect you from other consequences of being arrested, including retention of your biometric data on the Police National Computer (PNC) and restrictions on your movement and travel. 

Contacting an expert Solicitor as soon as you become aware of a police investigation will increase the opportunity of avoiding an arrest and resolving your matter swiftly and discreetly. 

I will often make written representations concerning the disposal of a case, at all times seeking to avoid a prosecution. I will always seek to stop a case before it gets started.  

Myself or someone from my team is available 24 hours a day to assist you when you need it the most, and in the strictest of confidence. Call me on 07766001774 or email (contact@crimelawyer.co.uk) to discuss your case. 



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