Please note that all legal advice and representation that is provided through the law firm, Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP.

Private Fees

I offer bespoke legal advice and representation and will usually represent you on a privately funded basis, where hourly rates and estimates will be provided and agreed before any work is carried out. 

Fees will be charged in accordance with the complexity of a particular case and the time involved in dealing with it. Clear estimates will always be provided and you will be informed if estimates change as your case progresses. Where possible, fixed fees may be agreed. 

Anti-Fraud Training programmes are offered and tailored to each organisation - please get in touch for a quote. 

legal aid

Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP is an award winning law firm and holds a Criminal Legal Aid contract. I am therefore also able to represent you on a publicly funded basis ('Legal Aid') if you qualify. This means that legal representation may be provided at no cost to you, or provided subject to a contribution from you.  

Information about Legal Aid eligibility can be found on the Legal Aid Agency's website, and can be accessed here