The effect on your company of fraud, and sensitive information becoming public can be be catastrophic.

Whether you operate in a regulated industry or not, you must investigate potential issues that are brought to your attention by a credible third party - otherwise you risk potentially serious penalties that could end your business and career. What you will be looking for is a partner to discreetly investigate a matter and limit any damage that may be caused.

Often, there will be a requirement to report incidents to your Regulator. Where there is a proactive and effective investigation, this can protect your credibility and minimise any penalty.

As a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), I understand how to conduct a detailed investigation with minimal disruption to your business.

In addition, I am able to provide a Fraud Prevention Check-Up, to identify gaps in your fraud prevention processes, as well as Anti-Fraud Training Programme for your company. 

Fraud Prevention Check-Up

This includes:

  • Fraud risk oversight
  • Fraud risk ownership
  • Fraud risk assessment 
  • Fraud risk tolerance and management policy
  • Anti-fraud controls 
  • Proactive fraud detection 

Anti-Fraud Training Programme

This includes:

  • An introduction to fraud 
  • How fraud affects your organisation 
  • How fraud affects employees
  • Perpetrators of fraud
  • Identifying fraud, including transaction and behavioural red flags 
  • Reporting fraud 
  • Penalties 


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