international crime

Extradition Requests

I have experience acting in numerous complex extradition cases involving requests from an array of different regions around the world. I have succeeded in preventing extradition on a number of grounds, including political motivation, abuse of process and human rights grounds.

Interpol Red Notices

In addition, I am able to assist those seeking the removal of Interpol Red Notices. A Red Notice is issued by Interpol at the request of a member state seeking the arrest and detention of wanted individuals with a view to their extradition ‘or other lawful action’. It is essentially a request by Interpol to arrest a suspect if they come to the attention of the police in one of the member states.

Examples of some of the cases I have been involved with can be found here


If you are facing extradition proceedings, or any offences with an international dimension, I would be happy to discuss this with you. I can be contacted on +447766001774 or via email (