Regulatory Offences

There are a number of different agencies in the UK tasked with investigating and prosecuting individuals or businesses for breaking the law and breaching professional rules. 

Individuals and business can suffer scrutiny by such regulators which include, for example;

  • The Charity Commission;
  • The General Pharmaceutical Council ("GPhC")
  • The Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA");
  • The Financial Reporting Council ("FRC");
  • The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency ("MHRA"); 
  • The Teaching Regulation Agency ("TRA"); and
  • Transport for London ("TfL"). 

A list of UK Regulators can be found here

Investigations can be extremely onerous, and potentially devastating to one's business and reputation. A business can be severely disrupted, for example, through the execution of search warrants ("dawn raids") or through decisions to suspend business activities. It is therefore crucial to get swift and accurate advice and guidance on how to deal with such investigations. 

I have experience acting for professionals who are subject to disciplinary proceedings by their regulators, including in statutory appeals to the High Court, as well as representation during criminal prosecutions. 

Details of recent cases I have dealt with in this area can be found here

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